Monday, 17 October 2011

Getting the "Lucozade Shakes" and Scrambled Eggs

Ok, this is gonna be my last post in relation to Blog Action Day.
I'm finally going to try and be serious... lets see how this goes.

See the whole point of the topic of Food for Blog  Action Day is to raise awareness on how people in the developed world take the food we eat for granted. I know I do! So last year I did a 24 hr fast to see what its like for people less fortunate than me.
You're advised to go from breakfast to breakfast but being the wild child that I am, I went from dinner to dinner. It started out ok but then lunchtime in school came and it was hell! Everyone around me was eating something and I was just sitting there twiddling my thumbs. I felt so lighheaded and cranky in the last few classes of school and my stomach felt so strange being so empty. I drank 2 lucozades (energy drink) because I honestly thought I was going to keel over :o Then about an hour later I got what I like to call the "Lucozade Shakes". My hands and legs were shaking so much that I had to sit down and stop writing the homework I was doing! It was the weirdest and also the scariest feeling ever but I still had 3 hours left to do.
The scrambled eggs and toast I had when the fast was over was possibly the best meal I've ever had!!

It was strange to see the effect that no food had on my body after only 24 hours of  not eating. It made me think of how tough it must be for those people in the developing world who have to go days without food!

I would definitely recommend everybody to do a 24hr fast at some point in their life cause it really opens your eyes to a lifestyle complete different than what you'd be used to and it also makes you realise that you should be grateful of what you've been giving :)

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